Bringing software knowledge to the people who care. I have built this blog to help others who are interested in learning/experimenting/growing their knowledge of .Net and Azure. I have been calling the Microsoft stack my home for over 10 years and while there will be some other companion technologies talked about here I will be focusing on .Net and Azure.

To those wanting to get started with .Net and Azure I hope you find this blog a good starting point and to those with great knowledge around .Net and Azure I look forward to your comments and collaboration to help those looking to learn.


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Understanding Startup.CS in .Net Core
May 16, 2020
One file that has always gotten to me in a .Net Core project is the Startup.CS file. It seems like a simple class but when it came to knowing which method to update I would get confused......
Git Commands for Beginners
May 12, 2020
Git is becoming a popular version control for all the things. I have used it primarily in my day to day activities as a software engineer and wanted to help those getting started. To do s...
How to Integrate with Stripe ASP.NET Core 2.2
June 14, 2019
The Stripe API is fabulous at documentation and giving examples of how to do all sorts of things to allow your application to take credit cards. This example will describe how to create...

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