What happens when you are excited about technology and enjoy the chance to be creative? You create a blog about the technology you are passionate about to help others along the way.


About Me

I enjoy writing software and teaching people how to become better software developers. In some desire to make my job easier when working on the code base, doing code reviews, or knowing the product about to ship has a better quality than if I hadn’t been involved.

I have been write, reviewing, and architecting software for more than 10 years with many different technologies. However, I have always gravitated towards the Microsoft stack and the ease to which one can create readable, maintainable, and reusable code while developing.

Why This Blog Exists

I have created this blog and associated courses to help grow the knowledge of software development and build a community around .NET and Azure. I want to help others learn how powerful it can be but also to improve their skills as software developers, engineers, and architects.

I appreciate you stopping by,
Derek Arends